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We have had our chlorine pool converted into a magnesiumpool.

The magnesium chloride in our magnesiumpool present softens and cleanses the skin. These minerals can also provide relief from eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin problems. A pool like this also disinfects in a natural way. Here too the advantage of soft and crystal clear water. “It is a technique developed in Australia and South America. These are countries with a lot of knowledge in the field of bathing water treatment. Mild saltwater and magnesium pools have been very popular there for a long time. By applying the minerals and salt, the water quality is higher. Also the water remains clear for much longer. Flocculation of the present magnesium makes the water even clearer. There is also a therapeutic added value, because the minerals can be absorbed by the skin.

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Thanks to Aquadolphin

Magnesiumpool! Genieten bij het zwembad